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Нигерийцы защищают права россиян

Настоящее нигерийское письмо. Я имею в виду, не только по сути, но и по стране происхождения.

Ричард Браун, представитель Международной организации Права человека (точного названия организации по-русски я не нашел), сообщает, что мое имя у них там попало в список персон, которым будет выплачено по 5 миллионов долларов, что, по замыслу мнимых правозащитников в содружестве с Мировым банком, послужит укреплению мира.

Задумка отличная. Я и правда, если бы получил такую сумму, перестал бы быть хоть сколько-нибудь агрессивным. Наоборот, я и сам бы предался каким-нибудь спокойным занятиям типа рыбалки или чтения философских трудов, и других бы за собой повел.

From: Richard Brown
Subject: Urgent Response.

motto: protection of human rights
Our ref:IHRO/RXX/07

My Name is Richard Brown, representative of International Human Rights Organization (IHRO). With respect to Category ‘A’ of Human rights conduct act of 2007 on overdue payment and our overall goal of the Sectional Periodic Review – that is, to improve the human rights situation in every country, address human rights violations wherever they occur, restore peace and sanitize the global society. The research team of this Organization in collaboration with the UN Human Rights Organization conducted a survey on contracts, impending payment and beneficiary fund in the Office of foreign debt settlement (FDS) in Nigeria.

The result of the findings during the survey initiate a crucial meetings with the Office of the Presidency, some representative from United Nations Organization including World bank representative to aid in alleviating this default payment. The conclusion of the meeting was that the Federal Government of Nigeria should make available list of people to be paid which is being assisted by the World Bank as one of the ways of keeping peace.

We had received an Authoritative letter to conduct this payment with list of names to be paid during this exercise. In other to justify the rationale for your nomination for this grant, you are required to Deal and Communicate only with this Organization. Now we are presently in Nigeria solely to conduct this payment to ensure that the right beneficiary get the specific approved fund with every transparency and avoidance of any kind of corruption in the hands of the Officers.

Am glad to announce to you that the sum of US$ 5Million (FIVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) has been attached to your name among the listed names to be paid. Your payment information is as follows:

1. Payment reference number….FGN/005/PR/NG
2. Allocation amount …..US$5MILLION.
3. Password number….FUND RELEASE/9955104
4. Certificate of merit payment number...45084JB.
You have to keep this information safe, because you might be asked any moment to reconfirm it. You are requested to forward to us these basic information:
1 Your full name..............
2 Your full contact address.......
3 Occupation...............
4 Your fax/tel number.......

These information is a proper means to verify your file, to avoid any irregularity. As a matter of fact, it has come to our notice that most criminal syndicate has employ this opportunity to defraud innocent people, We warn you not to correspond to any unknown contact made to you without confirming from this office for prove as you might be lured with a similar opportunity that may sound interesting. For more enquires and further directives, we anticipate your urgent response.

Yours Faithfully,
Richard Brown.
Rep. IHRO.

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