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Богатый сержант американской армии

From: sgt mark William

Dear friend,
I hope my email meet you well, I am Sgt.Mark William Jr a U.S. Army in Iraq. I write you this email to ask for your agreement to receive the sum of 5 Million dollars on our behalf. My partner and I need a good partner someone we can trust to actualize this venture.
The money is from oil proceeds and its legal and we are transferring it via the safe passage of a diplomatic courier. If you are interested please reply to my private email :( )
Once you receive the funds, you are to take a reward of 30% and keep our part. If you have a good business plan, we can invest our share in your country too. We seek your outmost confidentiality in this business transaction.
We await your response and wish to furnish you with more comprehensive details.

Sgt Mark William.

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